Prosilio Tech continuously offers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and proposes an innovative inverter protection package.

In most types of inverters, communication cables are directly connected to the communication card located inside of it. In cases of overvoltage, indirect or direct lightning strikes that can damage the communication system, it is possible the communication card to destroyed and also other parts with which it is connected.

Inverters need immediate protection from overvoltages and lightning strikes when:

  • there is no protection of the communication wiring
  • the protection of the communication wiring is not sufficient
  • the park is in areas of very intense lightning
  • installer and owner want to add another level of protection
  • the plant’s insurance policy defines it as a prerequisite

For these cases, Prosilio Tech has a package for the protection of inverters only.

In this package, a hypertensive protection is placed inside each inverter.

In this way:

  • We fully protect the inverter
  • We relieve the cost of replacing the communication cards in the event of their destruction
  • We relieve the cost of repairing damaged inverters due to overvoltages in the communication system
  • If inverter receives a lightning strike through the communication section, the hypertension module will reject it to the ground. If it burns, we only replace hypertensive module

Below are two examples of internal communication protection.

Example 1:
Communication via Ethernet. We protect the Ethernet input of the inverter communication card internally.

Example 2:
Communication via RS485. We protect the RS485 input and output of the inverter communication card internally.