Solar inverters repair

Prosilio Tech is consisted by engineers and technicians having many years of experience in photovoltaic sector offering consultancy services in design, construction and operation of solar installations.

Our fully trained staff can offer solutions, covering the needs of PV plant owners and O&M companies ensuring reliable technical support and fast and correct repair of PV inverters.

We and also our official partners have been trained in Greece and also abroad and we have certificates of formal technical support.

In case your PV inverter fails, you can contact us in order to schedule the immediate repair.

Once we receive your inverter, we will immediately inform you for the cause of failure, repair costs, and shipping time.

Along with the repair, we perform the following checks:

  • External visual inspection
  • Internal visual inspection
  • Connectivity (Materials / Cleaning)
  • Display and keypad functionality
  • Communication checks
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Fans and cooling operation test
  • Power section (capacitors, relays, etc.)

Upon completion of the inspection and / or repair, we will send you a detailed technical report that can be used for insurance coverage and for any other purpose.

Additional Packages

Prosilio Tech, tries to offer solutions to its customers, and constantly is developing packages for PV inverters and their protection.