the team

Our company consists of engineers and technicians having many years of experience in renewable industry and specifically in photovoltaic sector, hybrid and storage installations.We are offering solutions, covering the needs of solar plant owners and O&M companies ensuring reliable technical support and fast and correct repair of PV inverters. Ourselves and our official partners have been trained in Greece and abroad and we have certificates of formal technical support. Our team is constantly evolving and keeping abreast of technological trends in the energy sector.

Our philosophy

Our main priority is the direct contact with the customer, the correct provision of services, always with respect and guided by his needs as well as the perfect technical support and the fast and correct problem solving.

our vision

Our vision is a sustainable, green future, where energy saving, renewable energy sources & storage as much as recycling and re-use of electronic and mechanical equipment will help and protect our valuable environment.

We support the production and consumption model called circular economy. This includes exchanging, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as much as possible in order to extend their life cycle. The central goal of this new model is the production of products and services with fewer and more “green resources”. That is, by minimizing or eliminating waste at all stages of production, but also after the end of the products’ life cycle.


We are always trying to build strong and last-full partnerships that have strong values as respect and focus on common targets.

The official Service Partner and only Repair Center in Greece, of the German solar inverter manufacturer REFU Elektronik GmbH, that manufactures solar inverters REFUsol.

Dealer and technically certified of the Chinese inverter, hybrid and storage systems manufacturer SOFARSOLAR.

Η ομάδα

Μια δυναμική ομάδα εξειδικευμένων μηχανικών και τεχνικών

Οι υπηρεσίες

Σωστή, γρήγορη και αποτελεσματική παροχή υπηρεσιών

Οι συνεργασίες

Συνεργασίες που στηρίζονται στο σεβασμό και με πολυετή διάρκεια