At Prosilio Tech you can purchase inverters and all-in-one solutions for new solar installations, storage and hybrid systems or re-powering applications.

We are partners of the most reliable and high quality manufacturers and we keep stock for your needs.

• REFUsol 100K

• REFUsol 50K-3T

• REFUsol 20K-2T

• REFUstore Hybrid

• Single phase inverters SOFAR 1100TL-G3 to 10.5KTLM-G3

• Three phase inverters for residential use: SOFAR 3.3KTLX-G3 to 11KTLX-G3

• Three phase inverters for industrial use: SOFAR 12KTLX-G3 to 80KTLX-G3

• Three phase inverters for utility use: SOFAR 100KTL / 110KTL & SOFAR 255KTL-HV

• Energy Storage Systems

• Hybrid inverters

• Battery packs

• Deye grid-connected inverters 1-110kW

• Deye microinverter 300-2000W

• Deye Single Phase Hybrid inverter

• Deye Three Phase Hybrid inverter